Poker Room Tournament Rules

1.      All Daytona Beach Poker Room rules will apply, except where specifically noted. 

2.      Players will be eligible for a full refund up until the start of the first hand of the tournament.

3.      Management reserves the right to cancel an event before the start of the first hand.

4.      Players will have their seats randomly assigned by the Bravo system.  Players may not request to sit on the same table.  Management reserves the right to assign a certain seat number based on special needs or circumstances.  Siblings, husbands/wives, etc. may be separated to protect the integrity of the game.

5.      Seat assignments may not be changed unless approved by the Tournament Director.

6.      All late entries/re-entries will receive a full starting stack. 

7.      All tournaments will allow unlimited re-entry for the full open registration period unless otherwise stated.  Players must check in at the tournament table prior to the end of the registration period, or they will forfeit their chip stacks. 

8.      Players may not play in two tournaments or a tournament and a cash game at the same time.

9.      Players that re-enter may purchase any dealer and or charity add-on’s available for the tournament. 

10.  Any player who pays for their tournament entry before registration ends (alternates) will get into the tournament when a seat becomes available.

11.  All guaranteed tournaments must have a minimum of 10 players in order to run.

12.  In no-limit tournaments, the minimum bet in any round shall be at least the amount of the big blind.

13.  Talking on your cell phone at the table is not allowed.  Please step away from the table to use your cell phone.  Texting is permitted if you are not involved in a hand.  Any use of your phone while involved in a hand is prohibited (this includes surfing the web or listening to music).

14.  When a player is all-in for less than the required forced bring-in or big blind, the remaining players will have the following options: (A) In 7-card stud- fold, complete to the forced bring-in amount or place wager. (B) In all board games- fold, place a full bet, or raise.

15.  No forward motion rule.  There will not be a bet until the chips are released or a verbal declaration is made.

16.  A player who exposes his/her cards on purpose or shows them to any player at the table before the action is complete, even if the player is not in the hand, can be subject to the following penalties.  Also if a player verbally discloses the contents of their hand or advises another player how to play a hand, he/she can be subject to the following penalties.  Penalties available include verbal warnings and “missed hand” penalties.  A missed hand penalty will be assessed as follows:  The offender will miss one hand for every player, including the offender, who is at the table when the penalty is given multiplied by the number of rounds specified in the penalty; for the period of the penalty the offender shall remain away from the table.  Tournament staff can assess one-, two-, three-, or four-round penalties or disqualification.  A player who is disqualified shall have his/her chips removed from play.  Repeat infractions are subject to escalating penalties.  On the first and second offenses the hand is still live.  If there are more than two infractions assessed, the hand can be declared dead.

17.  If a player throws his/her cards off the table they will be subject to the above time penalties with the 3rd offense resulting in expulsion from the tournament and forfeiture of all buy-ins, entry fees, and/or prizes.  Players guilty of disruptive or abusive behavior towards other DBKC guests or employees will be subject to the above listed penalties.  The severity of a player’s conduct will determine which penalty will be instituted, up to and including expulsion from the tournament.

18.  When raising please state your intentions.  “Raise 600” for example will mean a raise of 600 on top of whatever the bet is.

19.  Players may ask for a count of an all-in bet that is in the pot.  Players may not ask for a specific count/breakdown of any chips their opponent has in front of them that are not part of the pot.  Players must use their own judgment visibly of what another player has “behind”.

20.  In no-limit, less than a full raise does not reopen the betting to a player who has already acted.

21.  Players can not discuss the current hand while it is in progress.  This includes the contents of one’s hand, cards that were mucked, the possibilities on the board, or encouraging play of a call or fold. 

22.  All chips must be visibly displayed at all times.  All oversized chips must be on top of the stack or off to the side.  Players may not have tournament chips in their pockets or out of plain sight at any time.  A player who has chips in their pocket will forfeit the chips.  The forfeited chips will be taken out of play from the tournament.  Removal of tournament chips, intentionally or unintentionally, may result in forfeiture of entry and prize monies, permanent eviction from DBKC and possible criminal prosecution.

23.  When a tournament has eleven players left and the tournament is paying at least ten places, the table with five players will not play five handed for any more than half of a level.  Once the amount of the half a level is complete and a player is not yet eliminated, the five handed table will now become six handed.  The process will continue until there are ten players left.

24.  When paying ten or more spots in a tournament, tournament play will be hand for hand until the “bubble” is knocked out and players are in the money.

25.  In a tournament paying out 10 players or less, when the tournament gets down to the final table, players will redraw for seats, then redraw for the button.  Special events may redraw for seats at other times

26.  The tournament clock will only be paused for a redraw of seats.  The tournament clock will not stop during hand for hand play.

27.  DBKC Poker Room allows chopping, but is not responsible for any deals made by players.  In the event that there are additional prizes (trophies, freeroll seat, etc.), the prize will go to the player who has the most units at the time of the chop.  3rd party events may be excluded.  Players may not chop until there are 12 or less players. 

28.  All tournament information is posted in the poker room including blinds, buy-in’s, starting units, dealer add-on’s, etc.  Management reserves the right to change, alter, or cancel any tournament at any time. 

29.  The floor person’s decisions are final.

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