Poker Room Rules

House Rules
Our poker room has a specific set of rules know as “house rules.” These rules are used to explain to our guests the specific policies that may differ from various poker rooms throughout the world.  These rules are posted in several locations inside our poker room.  Click the link below to see the full list of our house rules.
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Tournament Rules
Tournament rules sometimes vary from live (cash) play.  Our poker room uses the Poker Tournament Directors Association (TDA) as our standard set of rules for all of our poker tournaments.
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Jackpot Rules
The jackpot rules are the policies set that ensure the rules and integrity of our promotions.  These regulations are used for daily promotions, drawings, high hand qualifiers, and our bad beat jackpot.  Please take a minute to review these policies by clicking the link below.
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Poker Room Hours
Monday ...... 10:00AM-4:00AM
Tuesday ...... 10:00AM-4:00AM
Wednesday ...... 10:00AM-4:00AM
Thursday ...... 10:00AM-4:00AM
Friday ...... Open 10:00AM
Saturday ...... Open 24 Hours
Sunday ...... Open 24 Hours
House Rules
Tournament Rules
Jackpot Rules
Poker Room Menu
Our poker room menu features a wide array of flavorful dining options. Enjoy a tasty turkey and cheese sandwich or wrap, jumbo chicken wings, or a slice of pizza without ever missing a hand!