Poker Room House Rules - Effective July 14, 2014

1. Management’s decision is final.

2. *It is the player’s responsibility to protect their hand at all times.

3. *A cardroom operator who has reasonable cause to believe that a player has acted or is acting in an unethical manner, may require the player to leave the game or facility.

4. Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room has zero tolerance for verbal abuse, disruptive behavior, or vulgarity.

5. One player to a hand.  A player may not seek advice as to the play of their hand.

6. The house reserves the right to require that any two players not play in the same game.

7. *Players are obligated to protect other players at the table at all times.

8. *The forward motion rule will be in effect when discarding your hand.

9. Cards speak for themselves when tabled.  A tabled hand is a hand that is released face-up on the felt in front of the player.  The best five cards determine the winning hand.

10. The English only rule will be enforced while a hand is in progress whether the player has cards or not.  This includes sign language.

11. *Player’s cards must remain in view of the Dealer and other players and remain over the table at all times.  Players must remain seated while in a hand.

12. Verbal declarations in turn are binding.

13. Chips put in the pot in turn, stay in the pot unless misled by the dealer.

14. An action or verbal declaration out of turn is binding unless the action to that player is subsequently changed by a bet or raise.

15. The poker room is not responsible for player’s chips left unattended or on the table.

16. The player is responsible for turning their hand over at the showdown.  The last aggressor will show their hand first.  If there isn’t a bet on the river, first player to the left of the button will show first.

17. Cash does not play.

18. Players may not enter a game after the last two hands have been called at closing.

19. *A new player will be sent to the game most in need of an additional player.

20. A player coming from a broken game to a game of the same limit may continue to play the same amount of money, even if it is greater/less than the maximum/minimum buy-in.

21. *A player coming from a feeder game to the main game must move with all their chips, even if it is greater/less than the maximum/minimum buy-in.

22. If a player returns to the same table within one hour of cashing out, their buy-in must be equal to the amount removed when leaving the table.

23. *All games must fulfill the minimum/maximum buy-ins.  No short buys will be allowed.

24. The game’s betting limit or type will not be changed unless approved by management.

25. Check-raise is permitted.

26. *All games are “table stakes”.

27. A bet and three raises will be allowed in all limit games.

28. No string bets are allowed.  If a player puts in half of the required raise, they must complete the raise.

29. A wager is not binding until the chips are actually released into the pot, unless the player has made a verbal statement of action.

30. No splashing the pot.

31. *One optional “straddle” is allowed in all games except tournaments.

32. Only $5 intervals (or greater) will play on $2/5 No-Limit games and above, (except for $2 small blind and “all-in” bets).

33. *In No-Limit games, all All-In Button Rule will apply.

34. There will be no object allowed on the table other than chips, cards, or a reasonable sized “card protector”.

35. Players may leave their seat for a maximum of 45 minutes and must inform a dealer or floor person.  If a player has zero chips, they have 10 minutes to return or management reserves the right to remove the player’s chips and open the seat to waiting players.

36. *The third man walking rule will be enforced if there is a waiting list.

37. No smoking, chewing tobacco, or electronic cigarettes are allowed in the poker room.

38. No Rabbit Hunting allowed.

39. Players not still in possession of their cards at showdown, or who have mucked face down without tabling their cards, lose any rights or privileges they may have to see any hand.

40. A player may move three live seats from the big blind without penalty.

41. No credit will be extended by the House.

42. *No side bets permitted in the House.

43. *Cell phones are not permitted on the table surface or in a cup holder, but are allowed on the rail.

44. *IPods, MP3 players, tablets, and laptops are permitted, but must remain off the table.

45. Blue tooth ear devices are permitted for non-communication audio use only.  Google glasses are not permitted in the poker room.

46. *To protect the main game, where applicable, the “must move’ policy will be enforced.

47. *If a player wishes to contest the results of completed hand, they must do so prior to start of the next hand.

48. If a pot has been incorrectly awarded and mingled with chips that were not in the pot, management reserves the right to reconstruct the betting and award the pot to the rightful winner.

49. Buying the button is allowed.

50. Photos or electronic recordings are not to be taken in the Poker Room unless authorized by management.

51. Players may not enter a game without having a seating chip or being seated by Poker Room staff.

52. There will be no chopping of the pot in live cash games.

53. Must be 18 years of age or older to play and have a valid US identification to enter the Poker Room.

54. Hoodies are allowed to be worn while playing at a table, but must be taken down when away from the table.

55. Shoes must be worn at all times while in the Poker Room.  No offensive attire is allowed in the Poker Room.

56. No firearms or weapons are permitted in the Poker Room.

57. No loitering in the Poker Room.

Any rule noted with an * is explained further in our House Rules brochure.  Please refer to the brochure for a detailed explanation of all the House Rules.

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Saturday ...... Open 24 Hours
Sunday ...... Open 24 Hours
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